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Art and life inspiring modern home living

We are an Interior Design Company founded in 1972 in Recanati by siblings Francesco and Laura Spisani. Our high quality’s workmanship and the   originality and refinement of our products remained unchanged over the years, combining past, present and future’s  design, with real regard to the environment,  by using recycled metacrylate, certified wood and recyclable metals for our creations.

All of this is entirely handmade in Italy.

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We Build Emotions (and it takes time)

Just follow five easy steps:

  • Submit your request via e-mail, it can be either a precise project or just an idea, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll consult with Francesco Spisani himself.
  • You’ll receive our reply with all of the informations you need
  • Right after all the arrangements, we’ll start to process your product
  • We will create the item by strictly following your guidelines, you’ll be updated during each phase, and we won’t proceed to the next one until you are completely satisfied.
  • Once your product is completed, we will proceed to the shipment. Usually it takes 4 or 5 days for the delievery, if you live inside the EU
  • Lets write us what is you desire
    Impeccable Design

    Bespoke lifestyle products

    We make wishes come true and we give life to the art that is in each of us.
    Metamorphosis encompasses the principle of all beauty, our goal is to transform an idea into works of art
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