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Breathtaking design essentials for modern home living.

Creating places that enhance the human experience, with perfectly balanced collections floating between delicacy and innovation.

In a world in which everything is mass-produced and in which we are increasingly hasty and contemptuous, we say “stop for a moment, take a breath, look around you, enjoy the beauty that surrounds you, love, touch, breathe and live”…

Then make it, with your own hands, because nothing in more beautiful and alive than a product made entirely by hand in respect of the nature. This is the spirit with which we work, not just articles, not just design, but art, care and passion.

Recanati (MC), Italy
we can feel different

Unleash your creativity

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trays made by resine

Francesco Spisani

An incredible artist will work on your own piece of art

Since the very beginning in 1972, Spisani created an entire section, wholy dedicated to the realisation of your desires:


years in luxury manufactury

+ 12

Original patterns valued by our customers over the years

+ 300

including sketches, tables and samples


handlmade and ecologic handmade products

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We breathe Art by making innovation

Every item made is a creation of art. Our innovation is minding new shapes beyond the fees.

Cast-infuset methacrylate, fabrics and metals are since ever, our art sign.

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