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How can I obtain my fully customized product?

Just follow five easy steps:

  • Submit your request via e-mail, it can be either a precise project or just an idea, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll consult with Francesco Spisani himself.

  • You’ll receive our reply with all of the informations you need

  • Right after all the arrangements, we’ll start to process your product

  • We will create the item by strictly following your guidelines, you’ll be updated during each phase, and we won’t proceed to the next one until you are completely satisfied.

  • Once your product is completed, we will proceed to the shipment. Usually it takes 4 or 5 days for the delievery, if you live inside the EU.


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An Interior in your image and like

can change your mood

A gift to someone you care about

can change your life

Home Decoration

From extremely simple lenticular shapes, to exclusive and amazing patterns: secrets and surprises are captured in the acrylic crystal that features boxes, bookends and many other ornaments.

Fancy tableware and high class catering

A wide variety of practical and elegant plates, trays and cutleries in order to receive your guests, serve your customers or enjoy your favourite recipes in the best way.

Works of art

A special selection of forms, subjects, concepts and lines. Love translated into a fantastic world of sophisticated, artistic, details.

Anything that comes up to your mind

Spisani’s artisans are always ready and delighted to be involved into new ideas and projects: you are the wind of freshness that fills art’s sails.

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From an idea to its realisation: an entirely handcrafted, recyclable, italian workmanship

  • It all starts with an initial design: The Draft

  • After that, our craftmanships carry out the project by processing acrylic crystal:  The Manufacture

  • Patterns, and likewise personality, are given by inlaid fabrics: The Realisation

  • Last but not least, our company logo is fire-sealed on the product: The Final Touch

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